fanhattanFanhattan has a new idea when it comes to solving current viewer issues such as clunky and unwieldy program guides as well as complicated remote controls, by introducing the Fan TV pay-TV receiver. This unique and diminutive device would also hope to be able to address issues such as a proliferation of often similar Internet video services as well as extremely complex remote controls. Fan TV would instead “combat” these “scourges” by relying on their very own image-rich menus instead of the grid of channels as well as time slots that are found on conventional pay-TV guides.

This would see Fan TV combine broadcast and cable networks with Netflix, Apple’s iTunes and a slew of other online video sources, making it a whole lot sleeker compared to conventional set-top boxes. If you were to summarize the entire shebang in a nutshell, we would say that the Fan TV has an extremely high chance of achieving a breakthrough in terms of function and design. Unfortunately, availability of the Fan TV will have to wait, since the Fan TV is tipped to arrive at the end of this year. Pricing details, too, remain unknown as at press time, but it is a good thing that Fanhattan Chief Executive Gilles BianRosa has pledged that it “will be a lot less expensive than what you’re paying your cable company to rent that set-top box every month.”

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