Do you think that there are just some jobs out there that robots should never, ever have to pick up the slack after a human? I am quite sure that bartenders would oppose to robots being behind the bar counter anytime soon, as these will only be able to make the right mix, but would be as dumb as a doorbell in relating to regulars’ woes and whining. Well, Coke and Bacardi have come together to create a robot mixologist that they have dubbed the Makr Shakr.

So much for robots bringing humans to the next level in our journey of life, as the Makr Shakr would definitely not be able to help transport us to Mars in a cheap and fast manner, and neither is it going to help solve global warming issues, but what it does is to evoke a sense of wonder and amusement in most folks who have laid their eyes on it. Researchers over at MIT’s Senseable City Lab in Cambridge have collaborated with Cola-Cola and Bacardi in order to churn out (pardon the pun) the Makr Shakr, a smartphone-controlled mixologist which is capable of mixing an infinite number of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic in nature) with but a single touch of a few buttons. How cool is that?

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