robot-sturgeonRobots – this is a subject that many would be interested in and fascinated with, especially when you consider how robots are capable of helping humans live out an easier life. Well, there is an upward trend when it comes to robots, and this time around, we have an autonomous glider robot which is assisting University of Delaware scientists in order to locate endangered Atlantic sturgeon fish in Delaware waterways – and of course, beyond that.

The University of Delaware reports, “More than a century ago, an estimated 180,000 female Atlantic sturgeon arrived from the coast in the spring to spawn in the Delaware River and fishermen sought their caviar as a lucrative export to Europe. Overfishing contributed to steep population declines, however, and today numbers have dwindled to fewer than 300 adults.” Relying on satellite information and historical records of ocean conditions, it allows one to pinpoint migrating species which has been previously tracked in order to predict just where they are on any given day.

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