We know that when the DJ puts his needle on the record at a club, you can’t help but to get up and move your feet to the beat of them music. All of the energy you use on the dance floor could certainly be going towards better things than flailing your arms and legs about. That’s why the Dutch have come up with a batter way to use your energy.

Dutch Company Energy Floors has invented a typical dance floor that can be used as portable generators with its Sustainable Dance Floors. The way it works is the tiles on the dance floors generate electricity when they’re stepped on through a small generator located inside of each tile. Stepping on the tile will result in it dropping by 10mm, which creates a flex to then create electricity that can be used directly by its LEDs or stored elsewhere.

The Sustainable Dance Floor has been around since 2008 and can be purchased or rented from the company’s website. If you tend to hold a lot of parties and want to use your guests as energy producing guinea pigs, then by all means, give it a shot!

Sustainable Dance Floor in action from Energy Floors on Vimeo.

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