airbus-luggageWhen one travels, having the right insurance policy is definitely vital, and nobody likes to arrive at their destination without any fresh clothes to wear. Airbus could be on the verge of a revolutionary idea here, with a new smartphone and RFID-enabled luggage tracking system that is known as Bag2Go. Bag2Go remains a prototype luggage which would be connected to the airport’s baggage network, and there is a barcode located on the surface of the bag which can be detected by an iPhone thanks to an app known as Find My Bag.

The iPhone would then track your bag to ensure it does not get routed to a different destination from yours, and not only that, the bag’s handle itself has the relevant electronics within to function as a scale, so lifting it up would show you the weight, making sure that the bag remains well under the airline’s weight limit so that you can better strategize your packing. An embedded RFID in the luggage would let it play nice with airports that have upgraded to a new automated system, as the bag would be linked automatically to your itinerary or frequent flyer identification.

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