When Nintendo first rolled out their Nintendo Wii console all those years ago, people were wondering whether it would be able to take off or not – but I guess those who thought negatively were eventually proven wrong, as the Nintendo Wii ended up selling a fair number of units, with its usual slew of blockbuster titles – mainly from Nintendo’s own stable of characters. Well, here is a novel way of playing a video game – by chewing on gum. Gumulon is the name of the game, where you play the role of a strange green helmet-wearing character known as Ace.

The only way to control Ace is to chew on your gum, all the while staring at your iPhone (blinking is allowed, so do not fret there). Should your jaw start to slack, you will most probably see Ace meet his demise by being dinner for a prehistoric beast. Definitely one of the stranger motion controlled games in the market, but it would be better for you to give this a go in somewhere more private at first. Check out the video above if you want to know more about Gumulon. Sir Alex Ferguson would probably be one of the better gamers at this, don’t you think so?

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