intelligent-mHospitals are supposed to be extremely sterile places, but then again, it is also home to plenty of sick people and folks who are infected with a particular kind of disease, one way or another. Not only that, the smell of industrial cleaners in hospitals do take a certain getting used to, and doctors as well as surgeons know that washing one’s hands is an extremely important step to take – as approximately 100,000 people die from hospital-borne infections in the US alone annually. IntelligentM, a startup company has made the decision to work on a bracelet that will vibrate whenever someone has sufficiently washed his hands, as at this point in time. This is definitely the more cost effective method than employing select folks to monitor the hygiene habits of doctors and nurses alike on the sly.

Just how does IntelligentM’s bracelet work? Definitely not by magic, but it will read RFID tags at hand-washing and sanitizing stations, followed by monitoring the amount of time that someone spends washing his hands after that. Should enough washing be done, then the device will buzz once, and buzz three times if it deems your hands to still be dirty.

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