nasa-new-planetsWill we see a new generation of astronauts from NASA soon? The answer would be in the affirmative, and interestingly enough, this new astronaut class would not be anything like what we have seen in the past, but rather, it will be a group which will be specially trained to handle deep space exploration. Yes sir, the Prometheus and Aliens kind of environment might eventually be a reality, but that can only happen when we have a philanthropist who happens to be a trillionaire in the process. Having said that, the latest class of astronauts from NASA would amount to just 8 hand picked Americans, which comprises of a mix of scientists and military pilots.

This particular group would start to train so that they can participate in future space missions, which could eventually see the first manned mission to Mars one day down the road. Having four men and an equal number of ladies being part of the program is definitely an interesting thought, since it would give off a sense of balance, keeping just about every quarter happy so that no cries of favoritism will be heard. Of course, before one casts his or her eyes at the Red Planet, the new recruits could eventually launch on Russian rockets first to serve long-duration missions on the International Space Station. Great things always have humble and small beginnings, so fret not! Good luck, NASA!

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