panasonic gf3 review 08

Touch anywhere on the screen to tell the camera where you want the focus

The good thing about Micro Four Third cameras is that they tend to take some pretty impressive photos, with some of them even rivaling entry level DSLR cameras in terms of quality, and to top it off, they tend to be pretty compact as well versus the bulkiness of a DSLR. So if photo quality is important to you, as well as size, word on the street (via Digicame-info) that Panasonic might have something for you towards the later part of the year in the form of an ultra-compact Micro Four Thirds camera. The specs of this alleged device remain unknown for now, but apparently the camera is expected to be even smaller compared to the current Panasonic GF3, which we have to admit is pretty small as it is, so we can’t imagine how much smaller this camera can go without sacrificing ergonomics. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled.

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