President Obama is going to address the nation from Georgetown University tomorrow, he is expected to detail his greenhouse gas reduction plan. He had promised to share the details on this plan at his inaugural address in January earlier this year, new regulations are likely to be announced to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

The Administration has been focused on the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, President Obama’s National Security Adviser Tom Donilon went as far as to call climate change a threat to “national security.” This Administration has made a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas levels to 17 percent below the level they were at in 2005. New regulations are likely be enforced on U.S. power plants in the President’s plan to reduce carbon pollution and lead global efforts to fight climate change.┬áRecently a video message from the President was posted online in which economic opportunities that would arise from the battle against climate change were highlighted. The President said that “We’ll need engineers to devise new sources of energy, and businesses to make and sell them,” adding that scientists need to “design new fuels” so that farmers can grow them.

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