Which is worse – a robot that actually buries itself underground to remain hidden from view, or a robotic ape that could very well usher in a futuristic nightmare scenario, where the world’s collection of robotic apes gain a semblance of self awareness with their artificial intelligence, and decide to take over the world? Thanks to researchers over at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, they have successfully come up with an “ape-like robotic system” which as its name suggests, is capable of being mobile just like an ape.

Of course, it is still far from having the kind of agility and nimbleness of an actual ape, and neither has it arrived at a state where it will be able to outsmart a real ape. Still, it has the basics right where ape movement is concerned, and you do not have to feed it electronic bananas. Once again, if one were to suit up this robotic ape just right using some faux fur, it might even fool some into thinking that this is the real deal. The military might find such a robotic ape to be worth having in their arsenal of tools.

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