rosphereDo you remember the droidekas from Star Wars that rolled around all the way to their destination before being deployed to pummel the Jedis and all other opposition into submission with their relentless barrage of lasers? Well, that might be the realm of science fiction, but there are other robots in real life such as the RoSphere which will get up and about simply by rolling. Yes sir, this verb brings back fond memories of the Limp Bizkit song “Rollin’”, as the RoSphere would move from one place to another by rolling.

The whole idea of the RoSphere’s existence is to roll around in crop fields, taking down mea­sure­ments of soil mois­ture thanks to the integrated de­tec­tors that are located on its sur­face. This concept hails from the Ro­botics and Cy­ber­net­ics Re­search Group at the Ma­drid Pol­y­tech­nic Uni­vers­ity, where their aim was to develop ro­bots which would eventually be able to nav­i­gate around un­even ter­rain. The researchers behind the RoSphere claim that it is in­her­ently sta­ble, as it moves around using its in­ner ma­chinery by shift­ing the cen­ter of the system’s weight.

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