Have any of you watched the anime Initial D before, which was inspired by the manga comics in the first place? If you have answered in the affirmative, surely the driver extraordinary Takumi Fujiwara would ring a bell in your head, where he first acquired his drifting skills simply because he was sleepy and wanted to get home as soon as possible after delivering tofu, and the best way to do so was by drifting down Akina’s slopes without damaging his precious ‘cargo’. Now what you see in the YouTube video above is a special robot that was developed by Lands Work, where it is capable of handle tofu in a gingerly manner in a factory environment.

How did the robot manage to do so? Well, it relied on a computer-controlled camera system that will be able to help it determine the orientation of a block of bean curd, before performing the relevant calculations to figure out the safest method of moving it from one conveyor belt to a different one.

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