bloodhoundThe Bloodhound project has one lofty ambition – that is, to come up with a ride which is capable of driving more that 1,000mph (1,610km/h), although it remains to be seen just what kind of public infrastructure is capable of accommodating such a ride. Surely only specially designed highways would be able to do so, no? It seems that plenty of issues that plague the Bloodhound project has delayed its expected rollout date to 2015 instead of sometime earlier, and there is also the aim of smashing the current land speed record in the second half of 2015. All in all, we are looking at a schedule that has been pegged back by approximately one year from the original date.

Driver Andy Green, the first man in the world to have drivers through the sound barrier, claims that the new date is a whole lot more realistic, and he also shared, “When you look at the timescale that it took to put the Eurofighter together, which by the way at ground level will not go 1,000mph – it took them twice as long with thousands of people and a budget of billions. By comparison, we are using the tiniest fraction of that money and a core engineering team of just 34 people.”

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