I guess in this 8-bit creation, you could more or less say that Ron Burgundy remains in a glass case of emotion, but this time around, it would be full of pixels. Is it just me, or is retro making a comeback at this point in time? I know that video games have long moved on to the world of High Definition for quite some time now, and so too, are the movies that we watch in the cinemas that arrive in Full HD, but there is just something appealing about all the pixels which float around, don’t you think so?

A new video by YouTuber CineFix has given Anchorman a decidedly 8-bit look thanks to an all round old-school gaming treatment, which would definitely be the perfect match for the cult film’s retro world. It is said that the YouTube video above is capable of capturing the entire film’s plot in a matter of three minutes, which enables fans to relive those moments while catching up on the entire range of Burgundy’s antics before Anchorman 2 is tipped to debut on the silver screen later this December. What other movies would you like to see appear in 8-bit glory?

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