cheetahroidHmmm, is it me or are we seeing more and more robots which move around on all four limbs in action? After all, there was the cheetah from Boston Dynamics and more recently, folks from Switzerland have a robot that resembles that of a cat. Well, the latest specimen of a robot that gets up and about on all fours would be the CheetahRoid that hails from South Korea, a country which is not associated with robots traditionally.

The “supporting cast”, or rather, creators of the Cheetaroid, happen to be a team from Sogang University’s Robotic Systems Control Laboratory that is helmed by Professor Kyoungchul Kong. The Cheetahroid is not meant to just stay at home and emit some sort of digital purring sound whenever it detects that you are nearby, but rather, it could see action when assisting firefighters, soldiers, and disabled individuals among others. The Cheetaroid robot will run from its own direct-drive DC linear actuator, where it offers lower friction and backlash compared to geared motors, being energy efficient and precise to boot.

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