virtual-kb-leapIt was at the beginning of this week when the Leap Motion gesture recognition device was made available to the masses, and while the first generation of software for the Leap does include its fair share of incredible programs, there are certain quarters out there who strongly believe that gesture recognition has a whole lot more potential than just to play some games. This has led to the release of DexType, where it is capable of changing the Leap Motion from an entertaining gadget into what is deemed as a genuinely useful tool, by being what it calls the world’s first truly “virtual” keyboard.

The DexType enables users to type using mere gestures in the air, where the keys have been arranged at the bottom of the screen, all in a single line. The sequence of letters will be in a linear arrangement of the familiar QWERTY keyboard that all have come to know and love. In order to type, all one needs to do is to bounce from key to key. DexType can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, where it is free until August 7th, and from thenceforth, the free version will end up as an ad-supported version, while the premium version will cost you $4.99.

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