gshopperGoogle has shuttered some of its services in the past which the Internet search giant deemed was not performing as expected, or have outlived their usefulness to the masses, with Google Reader’s shutdown earlier this month being the most recent high profile “victim”. Well, here is another Google service that will bite the dust, although less people will miss it compared to Google Reader. The Google service in question would be the Google Shopper app, and this particular app for the Android as well as iOS platforms will experience a shutdown this coming August 30th.

According to Google’s Commerce blog, they mentioned that “76% of shoppers use the web to research purchases and 57% of people use mobile devices to help them shop smarter.” Unfortunately, it seems that majority of the research was done via Google Search, rendering the Google Shopper app pretty much redundant if you were to take the majority point of view into consideration. Personally speaking, just how many purchases have you made using Google Shopper on your mobile device, and do your online shopping habits jive with Google’s statement concerning your use of Google Search in purchase research?

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