motel8What do you think of hotels and their Wi-Fi connection? Some hotels practically have connections that make you weep, not because of the amazing speed that it comes with, but simply because you are far better off with your very own connection at home. In a discussion about being plugged into an Ethernet port instead of hooking up to a Wi-Fi network simply because one does not want to have to deal with network glitches as well as password changes, Steve Wozniak weighed in with a comment, touting that he prefers Ethernet connectivity over Wi-Fi, especially over his AirPort Express.

What might come across as a shocker to some is this, Wozniak said that he will “only pay for hotel internet for a single device. I prefer Super 8 motels where internet is included but my hosts put me in fancy expensive hotels where you pay up to $30 a day for internet.” Hmmm, is decent and free Internet connectivity your top criteria when it comes to putting up at a hotel, or is it an afterthought for you? Image courtesy of The Neon Museum.

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