sweat-machineWould you drink water that has been processed from your urine? That was what Singapore’s NEWater company did a fair number of years ago, and achieved much success within the city-state – which is a crucial component to ensure that the country that small does not get held ransom by its neighboring country that supplies it with fresh water sometime down the road. If such recycled water does not sound palatable to you, how about drinking water that has been processed from sweat? Sure, it is going to be a whole lot harder to harvest sweat compared to urine, but at least it sounds more palatable, right? After all, I am quite sure that many of you who tend to sweat it out at the gym have tasted your own sweat before.

This sweat-extraction machine was specially developed in order to promote a campaign by Unicef in Sweden. How does it work its “magic”? For starters, it will take any sweat-laden clothes, transforming the moisture from that pile of laundry and turning it into drinking water. This is done by spinning and heating the material in order to remove the sweat, before it passes the vapor via a special membrane which was specially designed to let nothing but water molecules get through. It has been touted that the liquid is cleaner than local tap water, and while that might be true, it is the psychological barrier that needs to be broken beforehand.

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