The Simpsons has been running on television, both its new episodes and in syndication, for as long as I can remember. There have been many classic episodes, but one episode that we’re sure all of you Simpsons fans remember is the episode where Homer designs his own vehicle, simply called “The Homer.” The result of Homer’s work ended up ruining Powell Motors and making his half-brother Herb lose his job, but years later, someone decided to create a real-life version of The Homer.

The real-life version of The Homer was created by Porcubimmer Motors, and although it isn’t a 100% replica of Homer’s vision, we think it comes pretty close as you can see it has the separate backseat bubble, the huge horn on top of the vehicle, and the ridiculously high spoiler. The real-life version of The Homer even features giant cup holders that are available on the outside of the vehicle, for some reason. Homer certainly did a terrible job with his vehicle design, but to see someone actually go through the trouble of building it is even more amazing.

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