area-lampSince smartphones have evolved to ditch the physical QWERTY keyboard (for most of them, at the very least) and settle for a virtual keyboard as well as a seemingly ever-growing display size, it goes without saying that other kinds of home appliances, too, would need to have some kind of progress in the way they are designed and function. Take the average lamp at home for example – it would normally come with an On/Off switch, and that’s that, while others have a dial for you to adjust the level of brightness. How about the Area Lamp by German company Dreipuls? The Area Lamp is definitely different, since it will ditch not only the On/Off switch, but also the knob that helps you adjust the light levels to your preference.

In fact, the Area Lamp can be controlled using simple hand gestures, and all of this without requiring to come into direct contact with the lamp itself. All it takes would be a simple hand movement, and you are good to go. Depending on where you hand is, it will determine the number of LEDs to illuminate, and hence letting you control the level of brightness accordingly. What other home appliances would you like to see support hand gesture controls?

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