Any computer gamer worth his or her salt would have known that the Civilization series has been revered to be one of the best strategy games around, and in order to capitalize on its popularity, there was an announcement made last year concerning an MMORPG which will be based on the Civilization series, where it will obviously be known as Civilization Online. Well, not much was known about Civilization Online – not until today, that is, when XL Games CEO Jake Song, who happens to be the designer of Lineage and ArcheAge, sat down with XL Games senior vice president Jung Hwan Kim and 2K Games producer Garrett Bittner, talking about Civilization Online being a true blue MMORPG.

Forget about turn based action unlike the Civilization titles of yore – you will function as a single unit within your civ, and your task is to assist it advance through the different eras. Four four civs are available at launch, and we would presumptuously wager that additional civs will be thrown into the mix down the road should it be successful, with the half dozen eras being Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern. You have the freedom to create your own avatar, choose your preferred civ, and do all within your power to help your civ advance. Civilization Online will run on CryEngine 3 and is developed for the PC platform.

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