img_1_1366105760_c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849bThe great mystery of life after death is something we’re sure many of us have thought about. While we can’t say with certainty as to what waits for us at the other side, it is at least possible for us to think about how we’d like to be remembered. For the most part it’s relatively traditional where one can choose to be buried, cremated, have their ashes thrown into the sea, and etc., but given how far along we are technologically, shouldn’t our death be somewhat hi-tech as well?

The folks at designboom have organized a contest called “Design for Death” in collaboration with the Lien Foundation and the ACM Foundation in which they ask designers to submit ideas about death. The entries vary from biodegradable coffins that help transform the plot into a meditation area, to being cremated and having a bit of the ash turned into a wind chime of sorts.

While those are pretty unique ideas, this particular entry by Hadas Arnon from Israel called the “Digital memorial cemetery” caught our attention, especially given that we’re a tech website. As you can see in the image above, Arnon’s creation upon first glance looks like flash drives, and they sort of area. Each flash drive will contain an archive/library of the person who passed away.

This could contain all sorts of media, such as photos, videos, audio clips, or maybe even the works of the deceased. Referred to as a “memorial stick” (instead of memory stick, get it?), family and friends of the deceased can search for the stick via a computer, take it out, and go to a memoralization room in which they can plug the stick into a TV/computer and relive some fond memories.

On one hand it’s an awesome idea, but on the other hand we admit it’s slightly morbid that we are so excited about it! What do you guys think?

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