kegerator-proHave you ever heard of Dream Arcades before? They are the home arcade cabinet maker who has come up with a solution for those who feel that there is nothing quite like beer to go along with your gaming sessions, so why not build in a beer keg into an arcade cabinet itself? That is what their latest product, the Dreamcade Kegerator Pro 60, is all about – which means you can continue gaming during those short breaks between an arcade game to swig down some of the cold nectar of the gods.

The Dreamcade Kegerator Pro 60 will sport a 60” High Definition display alongside over 140 pre-loaded classic arcade games to get you started. Within the Kegerator Pro 60, you will find a built-in fridge and a trio of taps, which makes it a snap to refill your frosty beverage of choice in a jiffy. Not only that, the cabinet itself will also come with a pair of drink holders that are located on each side of the cabinet, just in case you need a place to stash away your “lucky” pint glass. Hey, there are still superstitious people around, no? Of course, such luxury is not for everyone since the asking price for the Kegerator Pro 60 stands at $4,999 a pop, although those who are on a budget can always settle for the more affordable 29” model.

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