Do you have a car that is just sitting in your garage or parked out on the street to only be moved every time a street sweeper passes by? Do you want to make up to $400 per month by allowing complete strangers use of your vehicle in order to get to and from the airport? Then you may want be interested in learning more about FlightCar’s newest program, FlightCar Monthly.


FlightCar Monthly is a program that is currently in public beta that will pay you $400 per month to make use of your unused vehicle at either Boston’s Logan International or San Francisco International Airport. Those who participate in FlightCar Monthly will have their vehicles stored in FlightCar’s lot close to their respective airports to allow travelers to use. If, for some reason, you need your vehicle, you’ll be able to request it at completely no charge for four out of the 30 days it’ll be stored, that is, as long as it isn’t reserved already.

Depending on the kind of car you have, you could make up to $400 a month. But if you have a vehicle that is older than 2008, then you won’t be making as much money.

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