keweIt is safe to say that there is no shortage of social networks for us to choose from these days, although names such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are probably the more popular ones, but it seems that despite all these popular networks sporting an impressive user base, it has not deterred some from rolling out a social network of their own. This is exactly what singer Taio Cruz has done with his own social network called KeWe (pronounced kiwi).

For those unfamiliar, Taio Cruz is an R&B singer who has put out hit songs such as Break Your Heart and Dynamite in the past, but now he has expanded his sights beyond the music industry with KeWe. It should be noted that KeWe was not so much designed to compete with the likes of the big names, but rather it was designed to be a hub where functionality from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Foursquare will be combined into a “mega” social network of sorts.

According to Cruz who spoke with Mashable, “KeWe combines social with messaging but without forcing the user to do either. With Facebook, as soon as you become friends, you are automatically connected. With Twitter, a mutual follow allows for direct messages. With KeWe you can follow or not, and connect or not — the choice is up to the user.” As it stands KeWe is free and is available for iOS only at the moment, although features will not roll out until the 22nd of August after an invite campaign. We’re not sure if it will take off the way Cruz has imagined, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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