amazon-locker-banThere is this particular saying, keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer. I suppose that makes sense since it would bode you well to know just what the heck is your nemesis up to. However, the folks over at Staples as well as RadioShack decided otherwise – and with good sense, too, to remove all Amazon Lockers that are currently placed in their stores.

It does amaze me as to why no one thought about this before, not to place Amazon Lockers, one of your toughest competitors in the market, within the confines of your own stores. That particular move to see Amazon Lockers move into various Staples and RadioShack sites was agreed upon a few months back, allowing Amazon customers to select and follow up by picking up their goods at the store instead of waiting for a delivery. The host retailer, Staples and RadioShack in this case, would be on the receiving end of a small fee afterwards. Bloomberg reported that both Staples and RadioShack have come to the decision to get rid of the lockers from their stores, where Staples touted that the Amazon deal “didn’t meet the criteria” that was set up. As for RadioShack, they claimed that the lockers “didn’t fit with its strategy.”

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