Google announced its Android Device Manager early last month, which is a tool that helps Android users track down their handsets that either suddenly sprout legs and walk off by themselves or just downright get stolen. The service was expected to be released in late August, and the service did release, although not all of its functions were available. Today, Google has announced they’ve rolled out some additional features to its Android Device Manager.

Through Android Device Manager, owners of an Android smartphone or tablet will be able to see the current location of their device. Users will be able to have their device ring in order to alert them as to its whereabouts, which can come in handy for us couch surfers who lose everything between our cushions, as well as the ability to lock the screen, change the screen lock password and erase the device completely.

For those who are interested in keeping tabs on their Android device at all times, they can proceed to the Android Device Manager application, which they can access any of the features mentioned above. Considering how many smartphones and tablets get lost on a daily basis, we think you should run the application sooner than later in order to set your device up to be found in case you misplace it.

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