yacht-caravanThe future is supposed to bring clean and minimalistic design, not to mention a far more efficient way of doing things. Vehicles of the future seem to move more and more towards the direction of being electric powered, and the normal caravan can also look swanky – such as designer Knaus Tabbert’s idea in the form of the Caravisio. Touted by Tabbert himself to be the “caravan of the future”, this camping trailer would seem as though it is a yacht on wheels, sporting design elements as well as all the relevant luxurious creature comforts.

The Caravisio will come with a full-size bathroom, a kitchenette, a retractable rear deck and modular furniture, which turns it into a little luxury studio apartment on wheels. Feel bored at night in the city, and you have no stars to watch? Fret not, a ceiling-mounted projector would get the job done, while the glass rear doors can be tinted so that it looks frosted over in an effort to deliver a built-in movie screen. Apart from that, the water management system itself is controlled via a touchscreen display, and it has a couple of pedal/electric-powered bikes that will juice up each time you drive. Unlocking the door is a feat done via a fingerprint scanner, making me wonder if there is a Touch ID system tucked away somewhere.

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