hillcrestHisense is the most recent TV manufacturer after LG and TCL to make use of Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace technology as both companies have already come to an agreement. This particular agreement would see Hisense, the world’s fifth largest smart TV brand (as of Q1 2013), deliver in-air pointing, gesture control and motion control via their included remote control for their future line up of smart TVs as well as set-top boxes. I guess being at the top of the technological food chain is not going to be a very lonely position since many other companies out there are also vying for the same spot. This would mean there are at least a couple of Chinese manufacturers that will carry a similar Freespace featureset.

No exact time frame has been revealed just yet, although it does seem as though Hisense has plans to eventually sell these next generation devices in the US and China later in 2013. Considering how we are fast approaching to the end of this year, we do hope to see more details revealed in due time – the sooner, the better, of course. What do you think is the next quantum leap for smart TVs other than gesture controls? [Press Release]

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