lunchbox-ovenThere is nothing quite like a piping hot meal to get your appetite going, especially during those cold winter days when a bowl of hot chicken soup is good for your body – and your soul, of course. Well, how about a gizmo that can be plugged in and double up as a cooker? This is where the HotLogic Mini comes in, which looks rather unassuming from the outside as it resembles your typical tote bag which is normally used to carry food to work or around to your destination. Underneath the hood, however, it will come lined with aluminum foil and features a heater plate, where these would work together in order to cook the food within the bag.

All you need to do is place the food into any container, regardless of whether they are glass, metal or plastic, zip up the bag and plug it in, and you are good to go. All food will be cooked without letting it experience any loss in moisture, and the device is so dummy-proof, it needs no programming at all, and is safe to use regardless of the setting. Seems to be the ideal tool to bring to your office whenever you want to prepare a hot meal and do not happen to have any access to a traditional microwave oven.

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