intel-logoEach holiday season, it would be safe to assume that folks do look forward to see what else is new out there which can keep them occupied through the winter until spring arrives, and this applies more often than not to kids rather than adults, although the latter are not exempt, either. Well, how about lining up your pockets for a spanking new tablet for the masses? It might sound like you have to fork out a few hundred dollars for a new high end tablet, but Intel CEO Bryan Kraznich has a different idea on where the industry might be headed this holiday season. He claims that we should be able to find sub-$100 tablets in the corresponding time period, citing the fact that a price war has been fought in the 7″ tablet market, so us consumers can expect prices to hit a new low.

Of course, in the world of technology (and every other industry to say the least), the general rule of thumb is this – you get what you pay for. Obviously we have seen sub-$100 tablets in the past, but most of them do have a ‘price’ that consumers pay – they lack the quality that one would expect. Hopefully the sub-$100 tablets that Kraznich envisioned would not be the epitome of sloppy manufacturing practices, but rather, allow customers to walk away with a smile on their faces after making a purchase.

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