PlayStation 4 will support voice commands, Sony has confirmed. The feature will work through the console’s Eye camera peripheral. Sony hasn’t revealed any more details as yet apart from making the confirmation in a statement to Polygon. A spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment said that the company can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition, adding that more details will be shared in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4.

Speculation about this feature started when a video clip of the company’s press conference at Gamestop Expo was posted online on YouTube. In the clip a slide is shown that lists “navigational voice commands” and “facial recognition” among the features of PlayStation Camera peripheral. Sony has formally made the confirmation, more details on how this feature actually works will follow soon. The PlayStation 4’s rival, Xbox One, comes with Kinect as standard, which adds voice recognition feature to Microsoft’s console. The feature is actually an integral part of the entire Xbox One experience. In North America, PlayStation 4 will release on November 15th for $399. Sony’s new console will be released in Europe on November 29th for €399. PlayStation Eye peripheral will be sold separately for $59 in North America and €49 in Europe.

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