TrackingPoint Develops Smart Rifle With TTX Technology

ttxWill computers take over the human race eventually? Perhaps, as we do see robots creeping up bit by bit to “invade” different aspects of our lives. When it comes to the battlefield, there is nothing quite like a battle hardened marine, is there? Perhaps an alternative can be found in the solution from firearm company TrackingPoint. This particular solution is a software which has been integrated with its Precision Guided Firearms (PGF), offering shooters near perfect accuracy right from the get go. Known as “Tag Track Xact” or TTX, the advanced target-tracking technology boasts of offering on-point shots over a range of 1,200 yards – which is roughly the equivalent of 22 Olympic sized swimming pools.

TTX hopes to deliver an exact, accurate shot every single time by taking into account for the coriolis effect, magnus, temperature, pressure and spin drift when you take aim at your target. The software will be shown through TrackingPoint’s Integrated Networked Tracking Scope, which will also feature integrated functionality such as a compass, microphone, Wi-Fi server, batteries, ballistic calculator, laser rangefinder and filters for shooting in bright or dim light. Still, I am quite sure that the TTX is unable to do miracles such as curving bullets around an obstacle in the movie Wanted.

Source: dvice

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