The desolation of Smaug? You can just leave that in the realm of your imagination, no matter how real it looks like on the IMAX screen, and how 3D it gets, but it sure as heck cannot go up against the experience of seeing the Tradinno in person! Tradinno has been described to be a fire-breathing dragon robot which also happens to lay claim as one of the world’s largest walking robots around, measuring a mammoth 30 feet in height and 51 feet long. Of course, this is no Jaeger, but you sure as heck would not want to upset this mammoth mechatronic beast. Especially not when it is capable of spewing fire, but thankfully, it does not covet your ATM and credit cards as well as bling you wear around your neck.

In fact, its position as the world’s largest walking robot has been verified in the new “Guinness World Records 2014” book. Tradinno was named so based on a play of words on “tradition” and “innovation,” where it is capable of walking around, flap its leathery looking wings, and have fire exit from its mouth and nostrils. Tipping the scales at a whopping 11 tons, it will be way too heavy to take off, but would make for a great guard at your castle’s doorsteps.

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