Have you ever grown up with hopes that your latent mutant ability would finally manifest itself one of these days? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, good luck in waiting, as that will not happen anytime soon unless an elaborate hoax like the one in the video above is pulled off. In this “telekinetic coffee shop surprise” scenario, the coffee shop itself has been rigged, from spring loaded bookshelves to an actor that has a pulley attached to the back of his body so that it will create an illusion of him being kinetically manipulated by another actress, who is the “star” of this prank, after she is “angered” after getting her coffee cup knocked over.

Of course, most of the other folks in the coffee shop are also actors, and the hidden cameras will focus on the facial expressions of those walk-in customers who have absolutely no clue as to what is in store for them as they purchase their cup of coffee. It is definitely hilarious to check out the different kinds of facial expressions that arise from this particular prank for sure! Plenty of hard work has gone in to make it an elaborate deal, and it certainly puts the early days of “Candid Camera” to shame.

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