All good things must eventually come to an end, or so it seems according to the natural law of life. For those who have been mulling over just how long will Bitcasa’s infinite cloud storage offer be made available to the masses for an annual fee of $99, it is time to stop thinking. Bitcasa has already revamped their pricing tiers, and so those who want to take advantage of the unlimited service will now need to fork out $99 monthly instead – and if you think that you would be hogging a whole lot of data throughout the entire year, then it might be better to settle for the $999 annual fee instead, which would more or less give you two months of free storage for the price of 10 months.

Bitcasa has come up with this new pricing plan partly because we suspect that the “promotional or honeymoon period” is over, and because most of their subscribers do not fill up their quota of space. In fact, Bitcasa reported that 98% of their customers consume under five terabytes of data, while another 92 percent “do not store anywhere close to a terabyte.” Apart from that, a survey (no idea on how large the sample size was) of its customers pointed out that they want features more than extra space. Has this revamped pricing tiers affected you in any way? [Press Release]

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