morphing-seatThose of you who happen to do a whole lot of traveling in economy class would know that there are times when you happen to have the luck to seat beside someone who should by right, purchase a couple of seats instead of just squeezing into one. It can be pretty claustrophobic for some, but it is also something that those who tend to travel on Business or First class are unable to relate. British design firm Seymourpowell might be on to something here, with the idea of custom seat sizing.

They have called this idea “Morph,” where the new seating concept will involve a bench-like piece of furniture which can be adjusted according to an individual person’s needs, which means it is capable of accommodating petite, tall or big-boned folk with but a simple touch of a button. Each of these seat “benches” will come covered with stretchy fabric over a foam base, where these will in turn be clamped down by the armrests that can also be extended out in order to provide a larger platform. Mechanical seat “formers” are located under each seat to dictate the degree of recline or support that the passenger would like. Sure, it is a minor improvement over the existing one-seat-fits-all system in airplanes, which is better than nothing, right?

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