This past weekend, tornadoes made a complete mess of several states in the U.S., which not only resulted in the destruction of many homes, but lives were also lost. The entire ordeal is one that has struck a nerve in the U.S. as there aren’t many positive stories coming out of this weekend’s destruction, but in the middle of all of the chaos, one story caught our attention as it is actually pretty remarkable what happened.

A Reddit user published an image he saw pass by his Facebook News Feed as one of his friends posed for a photo where he is standing in front of his home, which has been completely torn apart by a passing tornado. Fortunately, everything wasn’t lost as he is also posing with his PlayStation 4 retail box, indicating that the contents of the box survived the terrible natural disaster.

We’re sure this gamer is going to have a lot to deal with in the coming months as a result of the devastation, but at least he can sit back and unwind a bit wherever it is he’s staying at in order to play some PlayStation 4 games. We also hope Sony gets in contact with him to show him some much-deserved love.

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