So, you are one of the first few who have managed to wrap your hands around the Sony PS4, never mind that there is a small possibility of it ending up bricked as some people have reported. Well, over at the Sony’s PlayStation 4 All-Access event, there was one particular announcement that captured the imagination of many – Naughty Dog’s Uncharted was in fact, on its way to the PlayStation 4 platform. It will be called Unchartered, plain and simple, instead of Uncharted 4. You can check out the teaser trailer in the video above if you are interested.

In the teaser trailer which depicted the narration of someone who has a relatively short fuse, we were also treated to a camera that zoomed in and out over a map that had some quotes scribbled over, including “For God and Liberty,” “Abandon your hopes,” and “Every betrayed us all.” As with all teasers, we believe that more will be revealed in due time, so all we need to do now is to play the patience card. It remains to be seen whether Nathan Drake will star in the next outing of Unchartered on the PS4, which adds to the overall excitement levels all the more.

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