blynkWe are all social creatures, and the kind of devices which we use happen to reflect that nature. After all, why would social networks like Facebook take off in such a huge way, while Instagram and Pinterest have their fair share of followers, where folks check out what you have been up to through a single shared photo? Lyfeshot knows this, which is why they have come up with Blynk, a 2” x 1” one-step, hands-free, wearable, time-lapse camera which has one main mission in life – to capture all of life’s greatest experiences in a jiffy.

In order to do so, Blynk would need to be virtually dummy proof to use, and it so happens to arrive that way. It boasts of a simple, one-button operation alongside a painless set up process. Shooting a video is a snap – you set the Blynk to the desired photo capture interval thanks to the included Blynk software (which is free), where it can start from one frame (photo) per second, to one frame per day. There will be 4GB of internal memory which ships with the Blynk right from the get go, while the built-in lithium-Ion battery delivers over 24 hours of battery life, and that is when you shoot a photo every two seconds, now how about that? Expect Blynk to arrive in three different colors for $129.99 a pop. One thing’s for sure, this will not be the last wearable camera in town. [Product Page]

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