Camel Racing Jockeys Take The Robotic RouteWhen it comes to races, there are many different kinds where you can choose from, although it must be said that the faster the speed is, the more thrilling it gets. Camel racing happens to be one of the most competitive sports in Dubai, and it seems that technology, too, has caught up with camel racing through the introduction of remote-control jockeys that will whip their camels to victory – or at least, attempt to.

Most of the camels happen to be owned by the elite and royalty in the United Arab Emirates, where these camels are urged on by robotic jockeys that have been placed atop each of them. The robots will tip the scales at anywhere from four to half a dozen pounds, and they feature remote-controlled whips which camel owners will operate as they drive along a parallel track in white, identical SUVs. It starts to look more and more like a video game, don’t you think so? Of course, we do wonder whether the presence of a “turbo button” would help, so that button mashing takes on an easier task for the owners of these thoroughbreds. Certainly, we do hope that the connectivity is reliable, as woe to you should the robot jockey fail to register any signals at the final furlong. Oh yeah, make sure those remote controls are also fully charged!

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