McLaren Might Use Fighter Jet Windshields In Future Rides

mclarenMcLaren, a name that is associated with supercars, might just introduce even more high tech stuff into their future rides. In fact, we have received word that they could very well introduce the very same kind of windshield technology that is installed on fighter jets onto their supercars down the road. After all, they were able to gain access to the kind of spotless windshields that adorn jet fighters, which will feature hypersonic shielding. We have no idea on how hypersonic shielding works exactly, but we do know that just about nothing, including water and insects that get in the way, will remain stuck onto the windshield, whether at high speeds or not.

There is speculation that McLaren’s wiper-less windshields might function through the installation of a hypersonic transducer that is located at the corner of the glass. In theory, at least, it will be able to vibrate just about anything off the windshield the moment it sense that something is there. McLaren has penciled plans to implement such technology into their entire range of rides by the time 2015 arrives, but for regular cars from the likes of Toyota, Honda and Ford, it does seem that we regular Joes will have to be more patient as usual.

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