olloclipSo, you think that you have more or less mastered smartphone photography? Well, here is some news for you – there are always add-ons and peripherals out there that might just up your game. This time around, it would be the $69.99 Olloclip Macro 3-In-1 Photo Lens that might just make your future shots a whole lot more artistic than usual. After all, looking at things from a different perspective (a closer one in this case) would always shed new light on any situation, and the Olloclip Macro 3-In-1 Photo Lens does what its name claims, thanks to a trio of macro lenses that offer 21x, 14x, and 7x macro magnification so that you will be able to capture the right level of detail.

Use it to examine tiny objects such as coins, stamps, rocks, relics, insects, plants, gems, circuit boards, and even your own skin, and you might just be surprised at what you see. The Olloclip Macro 3-In-1 Photo Lens is tiny enough to be tucked into your pocket in a jiffy, and it will also be compatible with a wide host of apps including Instagram, Facebook and iPhone’s Camera, iPhoto and iMovie built-in apps. Half a dozen elements have gone into the engineering of all three macro lenses, so that you get to enjoy more edge-to-edge clarity, greater depth of field, nicely diffused light on the image, less pincushion distortion and a higher degree of bokeh. [Press Release]

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