We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, which means you’ve probably stood in line for much longer than you would have liked in order to purchase a holiday-related gift. Considering how terrible the experience of standing in line is, we’re not entirely sure why someone would create a “game” based on it, but that’s exactly what “Waiting in Line 3D” is.

The game is pretty simple: you wait in line. That’s pretty much it. The controls for the game allows you to look slightly to the left, slightly to the right, attempt to move forward and look behind you. You can “jump” in line, and you can also punch yourself in the face in order to keep yourself from dozing off.

As you’d expect from taking punches to your dome, you inflict damage upon yourself each time you strike your own face. You can lose one of two ways: fall asleep or punch yourself to death. To win — well, there really is no winning as you’ll see how long you can wait in line for, which you can then boast how long you waited in a virtual line to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to experience the absolute boredom of waiting in line for yourself? Then head on over to the game’s website and wait your heart out!

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