amazon-boxIf you have been keeping an eye on your Facebook newsfeed or lounging about in reddit, you might have noticed a photo go by, which is a photo of a truck with what appears to be a huge box from Amazon on the back. Naturally some were wondering if this could be real, and more importantly does Amazon even have a box that big? Naturally some were calling this a hoax. Even comedian Jerry Seinfeld thought it was a fake as well, but as it turns out it is real as an Amazon spokeswoman was recently confirmed that the box is indeed real.

In a email, Amazon’s Kristin Schaefer Mariani wrote, “Yes, it’s real. [I]t’s Nissan delivering a Versa Note, the final component of the advertising program we worked with them on late last year.” There were some who speculated that this could be the case, but we guess no one really thought that Amazon would actually deliver said vehicle in a box packaged that way. Then again Amazon’s boxes are sort of iconic, even spawning toys such as Danbo which is a little toy figurine whose body is made using Amazon’s boxes. Now that we know that the box is real, we have to wonder if Amazon might have even bigger boxes in their factory. What do you guys think?

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