Durr Shivering Bracelet Makes You Rethink The WatchThere are some things in life that we more or less take for granted, thinking that it will remain as it is for years to come. Well, I guess this is not the case with the Durr, a shivering bracelet that comes with enough clout of its own to make you look at your watch in a different manner, as it can challenge your perception of time. Basically, the Durr comes in the form of a wearable bracelet that you wear around your wrist in the same manner as that of a watch. The thing is, it will have a built-in motor that will vibrate every five minutes.

This will be unable to tell you the exact moment in time, but with a vibration that happens every five minutes that passes by, you can say that this experimental wearable intends to deliver to the wearer awareness of the passing of time: As the creators of the Durr shivering bracelet put it, “It creates a haptic rhythm to make us notice the changing tempo of time.” Specially designed, developed and hand-assembled by Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler, the Durr shivering bracelet can be purchased for €90 a pop – reasonable enough a price for you?

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