overtheairdeleteWhen it comes to major iOS updates, they do tend to take up a fair amount of space on your phone, and if you opted for the 16GB model, well chances are you will run out of space faster than you’d like. Now back in October last year, Apple was faced with a lawsuit when an iOS user complained that they were not able to remove the installation files from their phone, especially since he wanted to run iOS 6 versus iOS 7, Apple’s latest operating system. Well it turns out that maybe this is a feature Apple could include in the next version of iOS 7, which is iOS 7.1 that has yet to be released.

According to screenshots captured by developers who managed to get their hands on the latest build of the update, it seems that they are able to head on over to the Settings menu and delete the OTA files manually, which could help free up some memory. However ironically enough it could be that this feature will be limited to iOS 7 users since iOS 6 isn’t exactly being supported anymore, at least it’s no longer Apple’s priority, but for those who don’t mind iOS 7, this could be a handy feature to help free up storage. Of course it is entirely possible that Apple might remove this feature in the final version of the update, but for now it appears to be available for those running the beta. No word on when Apple will release iOS 7.1, but rumors have suggested a March 2014 release.

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