amazon-coinsEver since Amazon Coins was introduced to the masses in May last year, the virtual currency had remained more or less within circulation on the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. Well, it seems that this particularly exclusive form of virtual currency has had its shackles loosened, where it will be replaced by the seemingly all-inclusive Android platform. In a nutshell, if you are an American, British or German, you will be able to gain access to your Amazon Coins via the Amazon Appstore, and this is made possible courtesy of the most recent software update.

Apart from being beneficial to those who have a soft spot for virtual currencies when it comes to making online purchases, Amazon Coins would also open up a different way for smartphone and tablet application developers to receive their due for their hard work, where 70% of the payment would end up in the developer’s pocket directly. All in all, one of the biggest benefactors would be Amazon itself, since the company would gobble up the remaining 30% of the payments. What do you think of Amazon Coins so far? Have you been exposed to it already, or are you skeptical of its viability as a form of currency? [Press Release]

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